1. A transfer is the movement of one or more passengers from one location to another.

2. The cost of transfer depends on the type of vehicle and the distance between two locations. The price does not depend on address within the city limits.

3. The transfer is carried out with a vehicle which corresponds to the number of passengers and pieces of luggage.

4. The location of departure and destination must have a particular address (e.g., airport, sea port, railway station, bus station or any other specific address within the city limits).

5. The driver waits for the client at the pickup location holdinga board with client’s last name and on it.

6. Voucher must be shown to the driver.

Before you book

How do I make a booking on your website?

If you go on a trip, EuroTaxi.org will help you to find the best private transfers from the airport to the hotel and return in just a few minutes.

1. Choose a route

Start typing pick-up and drop-off locations in the search form and choose it in the list. When you are done, click the «Find transfer» button to see the available options.

If you did not find your route, fill in our transfer price request form. Your request will be processed by our staff.

2. Choose vehicle type

Each transfer type is provided with the information about the number of passengers, luggage capacity and price. Children are counted as passengers. The price doesn’t depend on the number of passengers or date. Choose the necessary option and click the «Book transfer» button to proceed with the booking.

3. Specify your route details

Specify your flight number and hotel address. If you don’t know flight number, type departure city name. If you go from the airport, specify arrival time according to your ticket. If you go to the airport, take in consideration 3 hours before the flight departure and transfer duration.

Specify total number of passengers, including children. If you travel with children, book also childseats. If you need to book a round trip, specify the return date.

Type name for the nameplate, your contact email and mobile phone number. Your phone number will be useful if the driver doesn’t find you in the pick-up point.

4. Advance payment is not required.

How to find an appropriate transfer?

Type or select your pick-up and drop-off location in our search form. You will see all the available vehicle classes for this route and their description. The price is provided for each transfer and there is booking button.

What is the minimum time to book a transfer?

Online bookings are accepted, at least, 8 hours before the transfer. If less than 8 hours are left, please, contact our support team, we will try to find a solution for you.

Will my driver take me to the hotel?

Yes. The transfer is understood as a trip to any point within the location limits. If you want to book a transfer to your hotel, type location name in the Drop-off field in search box, choose vehicle type and specify your hotel name and address. The driver will take you to the hotel, the price doesn’t depend on its address.

How can I book a transfer to the airport?

Please, type the pick-up location in the Pick-up field, choose your destination airport in the Drop-off field. The transfer is understood as a trip to any point within the location limits. You can calculate departure time according to the specified transfer duration.

I can’t find my route. What can I do?

Specify your route: fill in the Pick-up and Drop-off fields with the necessary location name, airport, train (bus) station. If there are no ready transfers for your route, send us transfer request. We will find transfer according to your request and this information will be sent to your email.

What if I am traveling with children?

Children are also considered passengers. When you are booking your transfer, you may order child seats and your driver will install them for safety purpose. Child seats are paid as an additional service.

If you do not know your flight number?

If you receive information about the flight just before the departure, please specify the city you are flying from in the field Flight number. We will accept your booking, but you should inform us about your flight number as soon as you know it.

What pick-up time should I specify?

For a transfer FROM the airport please specify your arrival time according to your ticket. The driver will monitor your arrival according to the flight number. If you are going TO the airport, subtract from the departure time (specified in your ticket) 2 hours and duration of the trip to the airport (it is specified on the transfer page).

For example: your departure time is 2.00pm, duration of the trip to the airport is 1 hour, then you need to specify a departure time as 11.00am.

How can I make sure that my booking was accepted?

As soon as you make the booking, you will receive confirmation on your email, it’s a voucher where you can see booking number and transfer details. This email means that the car has been booked and the driver will meet you at the specified time. If you haven’t received the confirmation email, you should immediately contact us.

Is the price for the car or per passenger?

The price is for the car. It doesn’t depend on the number of passengers. Each vehicle type is provided with passenger and standard luggage capacity information. The child seats are paid separately.

Does the price depend on the date of arrival?

No, it doesn’t. You may book your transfer for any date, but not later than 16 hours before your transfer.

Before you travel

How to find my driver?

The driver will meet you holding a nameplate with your name. If he meets you in the airport, he will be waiting for you in the arrival hall. If you go from the hotel, your driver will be waiting for you at the hotel’s lobby or reception.

Can I be sure that the driver will meet me?

We guarantee that the driver will do his best to meet you, he is interested to meet you. He will have your phone number, and you will have his phone number too. As soon as you go out from the airport, pay attention to the nameplates and keep your phone switched on, the driver may call you directly. We cooperate with agencies specialized in car transfers, and we strictly monitor order performance. Transfer failures are extremely rare.

If the flight arrived earlier

If you arrive before the transfer start time, it’s possible that your driver isn’t there yet. Please, stay in the arrival hall and wait for your driver. You may text him saying that you’re waiting for him in the arrival hall.

Does the driver speak English?

We try to assign English-speaking drivers for transfers with English-speaking customers. It happens quite often. Most of the drivers speak English, and the driver will have all the main information about the route before the trip.

What payment options are available?

We are the only company that draws up transfer without prepayment !!!
But if you want to advance your transfer prepay, you can take advantage of these payment methods.

We accept payment via PayPal, VISA and MasterCard, Direct bank transfer. These are the most secure and convenient ways to pay online.

How to pay to the driver?

Payment may be made in the currency specified in the voucher (usually Euro or USD) or in local currency at the official rate. Please prepare the necessary amount of cash in advance.

Should I pay for waiting time?

No, the driver monitors your arrival according to your flight number. If the flight is late, he will wait for you or arrives later.

Meeting the Driver

Your driver will meet you at the pick-up location at the time specified in the voucher. You can recognize him by the plate with your name on it. The driver will help you with the luggage and take you to the destination. The driver knows your contact phone number. He may phone you to organize the meeting. Please, keep the mobile phone switched on.

Your driver’s contact information will be sent you shortly before the transfer date via email. In case of urgent changes you should call and inform your driver (transfer start time change, order cancelation, flight number change, etc.).

Airport pick-up

Your driver will meet you at the exit of the arrivals area. The driver will be holding a plate with your name on it. In case of delays, your driver will wait for you. Make sure you have specified the correct flight number when making a booking.

You can recognize your driver by the nameplate with the name specified by you during the booking process. If you don’t see your nameplate, don’t worry. Probably, you didn’t see it among the other nameplates or the driver is just late. Please, check again some minutes later. It is very probable that the driver is also looking for you. Check your mobile phone, it should be switched on. The driver will contact you if he is late or can’t find you.

If the driver doesn’t meet nor contact you during 30 minutes after the flight arrival time, take taxi in the airport, we will comepensate the price difference. Contact us upon arrival to the place.

Hotel pick-up

The driver will be waiting for you at the hotel lobby. You can recognize the person picking you up by the plate with your name on it. He will help you with the luggage and take you to the airport or other destination place. When making a booking, please make sure you have specified your hotel full name, it will help to avoid delays in searching the right place.

If the driver doesn’t meet nor contact you during 30 minutes after the transfer start time, take taxi from the hotel, we will comepnsate the price difference.